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Riding with The Fridays

Group riding etiquette

Much of this will be covered in the pre-ride safety talk, but please familiarise yourself with the below.

  • Call out signals and warnings (left, right, glass, potholes, bollards etc)

  • Bunch up at traffic lights and be prepared to move off quickly

  • Look over your shoulder before veering off your line

  • No undertaking

  • Don’t disappear without telling anyone

  • No flashing or super bright lights please

  • Tail End Charlies will help with mechanicals - but make a start if you have one

  • Waymarkers - more here

  • Don’t ride in front of the ride leader

  • No music out loud and we would also advise against using headphones

  • Please check your tyres before the ride

Equality and Diversity

The Fridays is a small, friendly and inclusive cycling club and all riders and ride leaders are expected to reflect this in their behaviour.

Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated and will require action from the club. Unacceptable behaviour includes, but is not limited to, bullying, discrimination, harassment, sexual innuendo or comments, and any other behaviour that creates a hostile or offensive environment.

This is covered in further detail in the Cycling UK Equality and Diversity Policy which applies to everyone participating in our rides, including all riders and ride leaders, at all times.


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