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A Tale of Two Countries - Bristol to Barry Island. 
May 2019

The first non-London ride of the year, and the only one in the 2019 calendar to visit two countries, Bristol to Barry Island saw thirty riders take part in its third edition, each of which have been blessed with clement, if rather cool weather. 


Pre-ride briefing dispensed with, we immediately tackled Park Street as we climbed to the Clifton Suspension Bridge and out of the city, via the Avonmouth bridge and out into quiet country lanes to the Severn Bridge. A splash and dash, then over the border, your reporter spotting a couple of owls as we whisked along towards what must be the flattest roads in all of Wales. 


Sadly, our usual refreshment stop was not available this year, but McDonald’s has at least heating, coffee and toilets. As we left, sunrise arrived just in time to perfectly frame the Newport Transporter Bridge (it’s all in the planning) - a Victorian masterpiece of ingenuity.

Onwards to Cardiff, across the barrage and the final few miles to Barry Island, looking absolutely splendid in the morning sunshine. Breakfast was taken at the excellent Whitmore & Jackson before we said our goodbyes. 


My thanks to Adrian for all-up duties, the waymarkers, weather gods, and my rear wheel for holding up after snapping a spoke early on. 


See you next year.


Steve (ride leader)

Photo credit: Martin Bellwood

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