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Oranges and Lemons Sunday London Ride - August 2021

Another terrific morning taking in the atmosphere of The Great Wen on a Sunday morning.   We saluted the guards on their way to their ceremonial duties, then before we set off, our leader Titus recited the well known nursery rhyme, which was our theme for the day.


Oranges and lemons

Say the bells of St Clement's

You owe me five farthings

Say the bells of St Martin's

When will you pay me?

Say the bells of Old Bailey

When I grow rich

Say the bells of Shoreditch

And when will that be?

Say the bells of Stepney

Oh I do not know

Say the great bells of Bow

Here comes a candle

To light you to bed

And here comes a chopper

To chop off your head


The early part of the ride found us mixing it with the participants and spectators of the London Icons Half Marathon before we headed east onto quieter roads, discovering the various churches as we went.  A great morning in town, in lovely company.

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