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Join The Fridays - membership

Our rides are organised by our club, The Fridays Cycling Club. You must be a member to take part in one of our rides. You also need third party liability insurance, although we provide this free of charge for your first ride. You can find more information on the insurance page.


Below are details of how to join The Fridays and how to obtain insurance via membership of Cycling UK (our recommended provider).

Join The Fridays 

Cost? The princely sum of £2 per calendar year.


To join us, enter your name in the box below and click the ‘subscribe’ button. This will take you to PayPal where you can pay securely and safely.


PLEASE NOTE:  The £2 will be taken each year on the anniversary of your first payment and you need do nothing to renew it.   It will be your responsibility to cancel your ongoing payment with PayPal if you choose not to renew.


If you wish to leave us, simply click the ‘unsubscribe’ button below. 

Find our club on Facebook. Open to anyone who has joined one of our rides.

Membership of Cycling UK (including third party liability insurance)

The Fridays is an affiliated group with Cycling UK. This means members have access to discounted membership of Cycling UK, which includes the third party insurance you need to come on our rides.


You can take out Cycling UK membership in one of two ways:

1. Join as a member of an affiliate club (The Fridays) by entering your details and our affiliate club code (90044140 ) on the Cycling UK affiliate membership page. It’ll cost you £33 for the year.


2. Take out full Cycling UK membership, either as an individual or as a family, on the main Cycling UK membership page. Membership options, prices and benefits are listed there too.

Questions? Problems? Contact Cycling UK directly on 01483 238301 or 0844 736 8451, or by email at


Staying in touch
Members of The Fridays have access to a closed group on Facebook. Do come and say hello.


Or sign up to our mailing list below


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