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More movie locations - 5 March (Sunday ride)

Ride leader Ross says:


A gentle meander in the best tradition of Sunday London Rides stopping at some of the places around London which have featured in well-known (and maybe not such well known) films and TV programmes over the years.  Like all our Sunday London rides we’ll travel at a leisurely, social pace, so the ride is suitable for everyone and everyone is welcome. We’ll use quiet roads where we can, although it's not always possible to avoid traffic altogether in central London. Even on a Sunday morning.


The route is around 15 miles, and will finish at a cafe in Bloomsbury. I expect us to be there around 1.30pm, give or take. 


We'll meet close to London Bridge at 9.30am, leaving shortly after. There'll be a quick comfort break part way round, but it's best if you use the facilities in one of the parks (20p) or a mainline station (free) before you rock up to the start. 

You missed it!  Registration for this ride is now closed.

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