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Cabbie shelters - 13 August (Sunday ride)

Ride leader Jenny says:

The Cabmen’s Shelter Fund was born in Jan 1875, ‘for the purpose of supplying Cabmen, when on the ranks, with a place of shelter where they can obtain good and wholesome refreshments at very moderate prices’, building the first hut in St John’s Wood. It still operates today.


Green Cab Shelters are a quaint anachronism from Victorian days and very English. As a result of the stipulations at the time, Green Cab Shelters had to be situated on public highways. They could be no bigger than a horse and cart. Because of this ruling, do not draw attention to themselves, and as a result, they are often overlooked. Many of the further 60 huts built have suffered rot and ruin. Now just 13 remain, with only 10 in operation.

The route is around 20 miles, and will start and finish at Café Tropea, Russell Square. We'll meet there at 9.30am, leaving shortly after. There'll be a quick comfort break part way round, but it's best if you use the facilities in one of the parks (20p) or a mainline station (free) before you rock up to the start. I expect us to be back at the cafe around 1.30pm, give or take.

Please note the ride is now full. You can still register here but your name will be added to a waiting list.

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