Checking your tyres

Check your tyres and remove any flints, grit and glass that may be embedded in them. If you have any larger cuts or splits then replace the tyres. This short video shows you the best way to check your tyres for little bits of stone that will gradually be pushed through the tyre and give you a puncture. It's better spend 10 minutes in daylight deflating the tyres and then squeezing them so flint and small cuts can be easily seen than at 3am in pitch dark and a howling rainstorm with 70 others standing around waiting for you.

This is a good example of a split in a tyre that you'd see only if you deflated it and squeezed the tyre - this is big enough for the inner to poke through and go bang at exactly the wrong time. 

Here is a very small hole with a tiny piece of flint in. By inspecting a deflated tyre you will see this before a thousand rotations push the flint further into the rubber and it forces a hole in the inner tube - that’ll probably be at 4am on a cold night. 

And this is a cheap screwdriver that can be used to dig out the small stones - this particular one came in a Christmas cracker. The point has been filed to make it a bit sharper. It's easier using something like this if you're wearing gloves on a cold night. The string is to help find it in the toolkit.