Sunday London Ride Goes Round The Monopoly Board - 15 August (daytime)

Ride leader: Ross


A gentle meander in the best tradition of Sunday London Rides taking in the squares on the Monopoly board - with photos to prove it. We may do them in order, we may not. Probably around 23 miles all told.   We'll assemble at a West End location at 9.30am, leaving soon after (usually about 9:45am). There'll be a comfort break part way round, but it's best if you use some facilities before you rock up to the start.  Mainline stations or Royal parks are a good bet for this. There will be fewer stops and fewer Quite Interesting speeches than a normal Sunday London Ride, but we will slow down or stop for photos of the street names for those that want them.  


Inevitably, on a ride that takes in such streets as Oxford Street, Regent Street and Piccadilly, there will be some mixing it with the traffic. I’ll do my best to minimise it, but some is unavoidable. But we will be riding on a Sunday, so it shouldn’t be too bad.  Social pace, suitable for all riders.  Lycra optional.


And before you ask, we will not pass 'Go', so you won't get £200.

Oh, and Vine Street is a glory to behold!!


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