Somewhere new: London to Maldon 18th May 2018

A new leader: Nick‘Saddlesore’


We'll head north through London along the path of the New River, then out into the 'burbs along the Lea Valley, with a brief comfort stop at Cheshunt (25km). You'll smell the country air as we cross the Rye Lane treatment plant, up into Herts, and a sharp right for Essex. About 4 a.m. we should reach the cafe at Hatfield Heath (62km), which is opening especially for us. Sawbridgeworth station is nearby for those who’ve had enough. Onward, through the Rodings and the Walthams, and down to Maldon for a quayside breakfast at the Jolly Sailor soon after 8 a.m.


Overall distance is 104km, just 570m of upness with a max. of 4% - eminently doable on fixed gear. Not super-speedy, but relaxed and sociable. And absolutely no off-road. Apart from a teeny bit.


Some may spot that Maldon lacks a station. Routes will be provided to the nearest (10km) and also to the useful but not so near. Nothing of interest happening on Saturday, so should be quiet out.

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