York to Hull 27th July 2018

Ride leader:  Martin


This is one of the best rides we do: on 27 July the FNRttC heads north to York  for an unusual, fairly flat 70 mile ride that goes below sea level, but also lets you soar over the River Humber.


The ride sets off by the steps on the western side of York Minster (High Petergate) at midnight and navigates its way through the historic city centre, avoiding Viking ghosts and drunk students, before emerging into the darkness of the Vale of York.   We zig-zag past numerous picturesque villages and hamlets with names ending in Thorpe, before we cross the River Ouse and gaze up to the river above as we follow it eastwards for a while before stopping at the village hall in Garthorpe for refreshment. 


Setting off, blinking at the brightening sky covering the flat vista around us, it almost seems as though we're in the cycling nirvana of the Netherlands, as we're surrounded by a network of waterways, with the dyke wall of the River Trent towering above us. 


All too soon the illusion is shattered as we go past long silent towering structures of the industrial past, before crossing the River Trent to skirt the site of infamous Flixborough disaster and heading towards the River Humber to enjoy the stunning views of the more than mile long ride over the bridge.  We conclude by riding through the open streets of the City of Culture known as Hull, arriving for breakfast around 8 am.


You missed it!  This ride has already taken place, but you can join the conversation on CycleChat.

Cheap train tickets are available for getting to York on the Friday, and then returning from Hull on Saturday. 


There are a few train web sites, which let you book bike spaces at the same time as getting a ticket (provided you reserve a seat), such as Hull Trains, Virgin East Coast or TransPennine Express.


It's important to remember you need a cycle space for the trip from London to York so once you've made the booking you can phone Virgin and reserve the bike space but there are only five on each train. BUT the HULL TRAINS website allows you to make a bike reservation on a Virgin train as you buy the ticket.  If you can't have a specific bike space then you can remove the wheels, put them in a bin liner and take them on to the train and put the metal frame - which without wheels is not a bike - in the guards van.


Cheap tickets are now available for the return from Hull to London with Hull Trains, which can usually be bought for £15-£20. You can make a bike reservation when you book your ticket on the Hull Trains website, although the guards are pretty friendly about this.