The Castle to Palace tour June 2020

Most of The Fridays’ rides start from London.  So for 2020 we thought it would be a good idea to do one in reverse.  Only with a difference - a sort of Castle to Palace ride.  


The plan is to roll out from Edinburgh Castle on the morning of Sunday 7th June, aiming to arrive at Buckingham Palace in London on Saturday evening, 13th June.


Just like the regular Fridays tour, but with longer daily distances (we’re likely to be doing around 70 miles average per day, with a couple of 80 mile days) and probably a few more hills on some days.


As with the legendary LonJog in 2012, riders will be responsible for booking their own accommodation along the way. Don’t worry though, we’ll provide a list of destination towns and possible lodgings to suit different budgets in each place.  And like the regular tour, you’ll be expected to carry your own luggage, so look out for some advice on how to travel light. Really light.  


Needless to say, you’ll need to make your own way to the rendezvous in Edinburgh, but there are a variety of options for getting there.  Depending on the level of travelling support we opt for, there will be a cost associated with the ride. We won’t know exactly what that is until we start to firm up the arrangements.


Places are limited, so don’t delay, but hold on making any bookings until you hear more from us.

Due to fantastic demand, registration for this tour is now closed.  We may start a waiting list, so please subscribe to our regular newsletter where you'll hear more about that if we do.