London to Whitstable 17th August


Ride leader:  Ross


The Queen of Rides. We escape The Smoke on some quieter roads, and follow the river before diving under the Dartford Bridge and making our way to Gravesend. From that point on, the ride becomes ever more dream-like with quiet lanes and great views.

Refreshments are taken in Strood; wonderful home made cakes and rolls from the staff of Step & Learn, before we cross the Medway and head further east through Upchurch, over the atmospheric Raspberry Hill, and on to the ancient market town of Faversham. The road from Faversham to Whitstable runs across the Graveney Marshes, a delight that you can take at your own speed. We enjoy our breakfasts overlooking the sea.

A ride of 67 or so miles.

Registration for this ride is now closed.  Read the ride report.