The Fridays 2020 calendar

The 2020 ride calendar mixes some of the classic night rides, with a selection of new routes and destinations.   And for the first time, we will be running a trio of rides - the 'University Triangle' - over three successive months. That's London to Oxford, Oxford to Cambridge, Cambridge to London.   Do one, or do them all.

13 March                     New destination!!  London to Winchester  

27 March                     New route!! London to Southend-on-Sea

24 April                       London to Maldon

7 May                           London to Brighton

29 May                        Bristol to Barry Island

6 - 13 June                   Castle to Palace tour

19 June                        Manchester to Blackpool

26 June                        York to Hull

10 July                          London to Whitstable

24 July                          Cambridge to King's Lynn

7 August                      New destination!!  London to Ashford

28 August                    London to Oxford

4 - 11 September         Castles and Calvados tour

4 September               London to Eastbourne

18 September             New destination!!  Oxford to Cambridge

2 October                    New route!!  Cambridge to London

16 October  *               London to Shoreham

tbc December            The Christmas Extravaganza

* Date subject to change