2018 rides

We have an exciting schedule in 2018.  And we make no apologies for having so many rides so close together. If you ride them all, you'll be very busy.

We hope you like them - there's a mix of the classic rides to the favourite destinations, and new ones such as Blackpool and Maldon. We're running Bristol to Barry again and for those who love the north there's Manchester to Blackpool and York to Hull. Near midsummer we ride to Brighton: iconic ride, iconic destination, iconic date.

Friday, 23 March - London to  Southend


Friday, 6 April - London to Whitstable     

Friday, 27 April - London to Bognor Regis

Friday, 18 May - London to Maldon 

Friday, 25 May - Bristol to Barry Island 

Friday, 1 June - Manchester to Blackpool

Friday, 8 June - London to Brighton 

14-21 July - The Fridays Tour 

Friday, 27 July  - York to Hull 

Friday, 17 August - London to Whitstable


Friday, 21 September - London to Oxford

Friday, 12 October - London to Shoreham

Saturday, 29 December - Christmas special: The Criminals of London